The limited edition TAKE5 Remixer is the first-ever packaging in the U.S. to use conductive ink to create music on the spot. Designed and developed by Novalia in collaboration with IPG Media Lab and Barkley, the TAKE5 Remixer is a musical throwback with a new take on the iconic ‘808’ drum machine. Novalia’s technology allows users to immediately remix music by touching hotspots on the outside of the box.
The Take 5 Remixer includes five rows of three beats with pause and stop buttons to produce more than 30,000 unique track combinations. “With all the technology seamlessly blended inside the box, the Remixer allows consumers to take it with them on any adventure,” said Dan Mohnshine, director TAKE5 brand. “In a world of headphones and streamed music, the Remixer lets people collaborate together in a group music-playing experience.”
The limited edition TAKE5 Remixer was released as part of Hotel Thrillist New Orleans, September 2016.

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