Hostmaker Brand Evolution IV - Creating mobile-friendly coms.

  • Núria Monmany
  • Carmen De Marco
  • Ariadna Romeu

After finding out that at least 52.2% of the traffic to our platforms was coming from digital devices (mobile and tablet), we decided to improve our user's experience, adapting the main digital marketing and communication materials to a more responsive format, as most of them were already downloadable from our Apps or emails, therefore read from the same mobile device.

We started redesigning the most downloaded materials: main marketing brochure, our hosts ready-checklist, and our guest's house manuals.
The previous materials had a square format, which was not friendly on the mobile devices; the text was too small, and people felt lost when zooming in. We did some research and finally, we bet on a mobile-friendly format that fits in almost all devices.
When redesigning, we also took the opportunity to review the content information architecture and redesign them with the new brand and art direction. The new layout has more negative space and the content is short and meaningful so that it can be read quicker and easier.
We used fewer visual elements to avoid distractions from the main message, adding icons or illustration just to enforce it, so that each page is designed uniquely according to its purpose.