‘How big is a T-Rex’s poo?’

  • Ary Arasen
  • sophie everett
  • Slav Vitanov

'The first truly awesome chatbot’ - Fast Company


Children ask a lot of questions that their parents don’t always have the answers to.


If you could ask a T-Rex anything, what would it be? How many teeth have you got? When did you exist? How big is your poo!? 


For Nat Geo Kids we created a bot with an educational purpose. It let kids to find out everything they needed to know about a T-Rex by having a one to one conversation with it.


'The first truly awesome chatbot’ - Fast Company
There was a 6% uplift in subscriptions to the magazine and 2000% rise in Facebook page visitors. Who knew a typing, teaching T-rex could be so influential?

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