IdentityCreates Presents: Gaining Access | This Saturday

  • Zainab Kabia
  • Taja Small
  • Adobera Ejikeme
  • Daniela Oliveira
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Denise Chippindale
  • Sandra Adu
  • Nierodha Perera
  • Nene Parsotam
  • General Assembly

As an entry-level creative, what are some of the things you’d like to know more about as you start out on your journey post graduating? IdentityCreates is a platform for entry-level creatives to gain insight and access into all things industry, job opportunities, enhancing digital skills and well-being. On August 31st, we will be sitting down to speak with and hear from some great people who are not only working in the industry but are dominating in their field. Find out how they broke in, obtained their roles and built their network. Get your tickets here: Speakers Include: We will be sitting down with: Pip Jamieson -The Founder & CEO of The Dots. Sandra Adu - A graphic designer working at Profusion. Nierodha Perera - A videographer; currently working full-time at ASOS. Denise Chippindale - European Marketing Manager, General Assembly. Nene Parsotam - Founder of Vine Creatives & co-founder of We Are Stripes