Imperial War Museum - DX17

  • Izzy Kertland

Project produced whilst at Kin. To commemorate Duxford’s centenary, IWM commissioned sound artist Nick Ryan to create a site specific sound sculpture. The core concept was to use light to transmit archival audio recordings of people’s memories of Duxford airbase. Kin were brought on as collaborators to design, produce and install the sculpture, and technology. One hundred lights lay underneath the plane’s fabric surface and innovative use of custom electronics allowEd each light to transmit it’s own audio signal. Each light pulses imperceptibly as narrative fragments, voices, signals, anecdotes, and stories are played through them.

These signals are picked up by the visitor on a custom made receiver that incorporates a light sensor and headphones. The analogue nature of the technology allows people to move between the lights and mix the recordings like scanning a radio. 
DX17 was live for 2 months over the summer of 2017. I led production across all elements of the experience, from design, technology, fabrication to installation.