Mini Electric: ElectrCity Mural

  • Izzy Kertland

Project produced at UNIT9. Mini wanted to celebrate the global launch of the Mini Cooper SE, the first all-electric Mini on the market. So UNIT9 partnered with 180 Kingsday to build the ElectriCity, an interactive mural powered by touch and the technology itself. Working with Franky Sticks we created the mural with conductive paint responsive to human touch. We designed “hot spots” within the mural that lit up, animated (with the help of projectors), and played sound effects when people touched them, making the mural a truly theatrical experience. There was even a hidden camera to capture the perfect selfies. With an incredible team we had just three weeks to bring the seven-meter-long mural to life from start to finish, but we worked around the clock with Franky Sticks to make it happen.