It's Normal

  • Eleanor Farish
  • Ava-Lien Shoshan

Alzheimers takes away the things we take for granted like getting dressed in the morning and navigating our own homes. Ikea believes in easier homes, so they partnered with Alzheimers association to create this solution. Introducing: Its Normal Ikea x Alzheimers Ikea's notoriously easy to navigate showrooms, will now be rearranged to experience what's normal with Alzheimers. All profits will be donated to Alzheimers Society.

We will rearrange Ikea showrooms so that they cause confusion, by placing subtle out of place items in the wrong rooms and tampering with the signs and navigation, including the Ikea maps. Emphasising what it feels like to have Alzheimers.
We will re-design showroom info sheets along with showroom navigation maps.
To further emphasise the experience, there will be instruction manuals, designed in the style of Ikea instruction manuals, only now the whole book is frustrating and a nightmare to navigate. Each instruction displays a basic task that would be challenging to the patient.
There will also be limited edition Ikea design pieces, that you can purchase and take home. Each purchase goes directly to Alzheimers Society, making it easy for you to help find a cure, while also providing you with a piece of design for your home.