• Lauren Pleydell-Pearce

Slow down fast food

The pace of life so fast these days. We're always rushing. That means too often we don't give life - or food - the time it deserves, and we let experiences pass us by. To help fans take things a little slower, KFC launched their new range of Pulled Chicken, inspired by the cuisine of the American South, it was the first slow cooked fast food.Briefed to drive awareness, and excitement of their new range, we knew we needed to turn Pulled Chicken from an ad campaign into a brand story that we could own before, during and after launch.We achieved this with a responsive website hub that housed all our content, social conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Vine, and 'The Pulled Pit Stop Tour', where we took an Airstream kitchen around the UK, bringing Pulled Chicken directly to fans. It not only spread the word, but we won moments with our fans, sparked sharing, created fame and drove our audiences desire to trial the new products.
Website: Pre-launch
This phase was released with minimal KFC branding, but no product information to spark intrigue and discussion. As the hub pulled live social objects from Facebook, the below is a design with references to possible social images.

Website: Post-Launch

This phase was was released with product branding and information, as well as a competition where universities could vote to have free KFC on-site with the Airstream. It continued to pull in live social objects from Facebook.
Despite rain in some of the cities, there was a massive turnout at the winning universities and high participation.