• Charlie Smith
  • William Norton

Brief: Encapsulate the essence of Lego’s motto ‘Rebuild the world’. ​ Insight: Instead of trying to compete with phones, use the technology within them to propel curiosity and creativity. ​ Concept: See it. Scan it. Build it. ​ Find something you would like to build scan with phone. This will map the shape and colours of your object. This data will then be read by the AI which will look through the Lego library of designs to see if anything already exists like it. If so, it will present you with that design and relevant building instructions. If you can't immediately build it the design can be added to your design library. The app will also pair with BrickIt so you can scan all of your existing bricks so the app can say if you can build it with bricks you already have or if you will need to buy individual bricks to complete it or alternatively purchase the whole set. Any recurring unrecognised objects in the will go onto a list visible by those at the Lego HQ and then professional lego builders can work through and create official designs for them. ​ This project encapsulates the essence of Lego’s motto to ‘Rebuild the world’.