LNDR - Get Dressed For 2021

  • Caroline Paris
  • Rachael Kendrick
  • Sarah Bamford

The year our lives were turned upside down. And when it came to fashun? We really did mix it up. Because after some research told us that old PJs to WOFH* had become the norm, saggy butt joggers every day seemed totally plausible and dressing from the waist up was an everyday occurrence – we realised some of us had got a little too comfortable. Intro LNDR, the queens of comfort. But comfort that doesn’t mean oversized everything and slack elastic. LNDR comfort is sleek, sculpting, impeccably engineered activewear/workwear/look-good-whilst-you-sip-a-Negroni wear. That is built to last and never lets you down. So, we made a short insightful film, that looked at the many ways we styled out 2020 and how we can upgrade our comfortable wardrobe to work for us, so we can look the business whilst we do the business. *Workout from home


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