Mindshare Huddle

  • Ellie Ashton-Melia
Mindshare Huddle
The HUDDLE event, is a jam-packed day of intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future of media. 
Huddle is Mindshare’s festival of thinking and ideas. Every November since 2011, Mindshare has gathered media, cultural and tech players, entrepreneurs, academics and interested amateurs for one day of intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future of media.
Huddle will still be the chaotic, vibrant event our clients and partners love, but it is also now their R&D facility, lab and incubator of new ideas.
There’s no PowerPoint and no boring panels: just a mix of leading media, cultural and tech players, entrepreneurs, academics and interested amateurs.

Mindshare Huddle brief - 2018

The New Era of Influence
This years conference explored the changing nature of influence across five sources: media, brand, human, psychology and technology. The sessions hosted a range of brands, agencies and publishers to disect "the new era of influence".

Captify's Huddle Concept 2018

Captify's Illusions Lab
Helen’s McCrae, Mindshare CEO is going to trial the REAL persuasive power of influence in the ultimate mind-bending test. In front of a LIVE audience a master of hypnotism is going to alter the state of her consciousness. Seizing control of the mind, Helen will gain a heightened awareness of her external influences triggering predicted behavioural change. This test promises to wow even the biggest of cynics.
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Mindshare Huddle brief - 2017

The Journey to post Human
Two years ago, we explored what it meant to be human in an increasingly digital age. Fast forward to 2017 and as technology becomes ever more integral to us (as we attach devices to our bodies, defer decision making to our digital assistants and quantify our lives through data), we are rapidly reaching a stage where technology becomes us and we become something else.
What will it mean for humanity when we can edit the human genome to enhance our intelligence? When we can create happiness by stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain with nanobots? Or when we become something different to homo sapiens?

Captify's Huddle Concept 2017

Man Vs Machine: Human Predictions
Wouldn't it be fun to know what comes next?
To go forward we must look at the past. In part one of man vs machine, Captify invites huddlers on a journey into the future, through opening the most powerful machine; the human mind. Taking a break from technology, huddlers have the chance to find out their destiny in three unique sessions with a professional mentalist. Demonstrating extraordinary mental capabilities, he will read memories of huddlers and foretell the future in a fully immersive magical experience. Take a seat, pass the fortune cookies and let the journey begin. What will your future hold?

Captify Huddle Concept 2016

Good Vibrations Pod
Good is a feeling that you pass onto others and one that is passed onto you! Whether it’s good data, good technology, good business or good people, good is undeniably a perception, something that you interpret. It’s a feeling. Captify want to share this good feeling with Huddlers so have created the Good Vibrations Pod. Combining speed painter Dave Sharp, a socially activated vending machine, great tunes and ‘Huddle Cuddle’ cocktails, this truly immersive experience promises to leave huddlers feeling oh so good!