Nike - Maximum Miles

  • Holly-Marie Cato
  • Maci-Skye Anthony
  • Kostadin Stoimenov
  • Nardia Bryan
  • Sergio Lopez

I worked with Nike Global to capture coach Dora Atim, Nike’s running coach here in London, to show runners of all abilities how to get the most out of their running gear and extend their shoe’s life span. As the best way to be sustainable is to buy less and take care of what we already own, we also interviewed Ultra Black, a community of Black women and nonbinary trail runners founded by Coach D. Exploring why the act of trail running and having their own community space is important to them, their wellbeing and feeling safe in the skin they are in while running in nature. This work is featured under Innovation on, the Nike Running App as well as across @Nikerunning, @Nikewomen, and @Nikelondon Instagram pages. Photography + Direction - Holly-Marie Cato Motion - Koko Stoimenov Assistants - Sergio Lopez & Maci-Skye Anthony Production - Nardia Bryan / Sxwks