oki-ni & It's Nice That - Gift Selection

  • Christophe Brumby

A collaborative series of still-life editorials curated by top emerging set designers and still-life photographers.

As Global Head of Marketing for online contemporary menswear destination oki-ni, my team and I joined forces with creative platform It's Nice That to commission a series of editorials curated by some exceptional up-and-coming talent that showcased oki-ni's Gift Selection for the Holiday season.
We challenged four excellent set designers to take oki-ni’s products and create some exclusive still-life shoots to be published both on oki-ni.com and on itsnicethat.com as well as on their respective social media channels in the run-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Miguel Bento

"First up? It’s Miguel Bento! It’s not surprising that someone who assisted Gary Card in his set design throughout University has turned out to be fantastic at it himself. Miguel Bento studied performance design at St Martins and has graduated with a ripe sense of storytelling that weaves throughout his work. In this particular project, Miguel has taken each item of clothing and broken it down to it’s simplest geometric form so that the plinth it stands upon (or hovers above) reflects its anatomy, personality and form. Clever man."
"Set Design: Miguel Bento’s fun new set design for oki-ni" was first published on It's Nice That. Photography by Nicola Litson.

Andrew Stellitano & Sam Hofman

In our second instalment of majestic set design for our collaboration with oki-ni comes in the form of Andrew Stellitano and Sam Hofman’s misty landscapes. This series of images which look as if smart watches and brogues have been born out of a sulphuric geyser are perfectly extravagant, and are inspired by aesthetic present in Chinese Shan Shui paintings. With the clever aesthetic talents of photographer Sam Hofman, these guys formed something of a dream team and have created a set for oki-ni’s products that kind of blows coloured paper or white, MDF plinths out the water. Very nice!
"Set Design: Andrew Stellitano and Sam Hofman’s epic shoot for oki-ni" was first published on It's Nice That.

Andrew and Sam then went on to produce another outstanding editorial still-life shoot for oki-ni focussing on hybrid sneakers and commissioned by fashion editor Samuel Smith.

Sarah Parker

Set designer Sarah Parker has cast her well-trained eye upon some more of the clothing company’s finest picks and magicked them into a spectacular geometric scribble-fest of an arrangement.Sarah cites the strong lines and symmetry of graphic design and certain optical illusions as some of her strongest influences and says that the inspiration for this brief came 'from a recollection of my old art lessons at school as a child where we were tasked with creating different textures and doing ‘mark making’ using charcoal and graphite sticks. I wanted to create some playful environments that had a distinctly hand made feel but also retained some of the simple graphic aesthetic I really love.'"
  • "Set Design: Sarah Parker’s art class-inspired set design for oki-ni" was first published on It's Nice That. Photography by Nicola Litson. Assistants: Charlie Phillips & Sally Finnegan.

Zena May Hendrick

"Zena studied design and performance in London and then Interactive Arts in Manchester which led her to making work for big-dogs such as GQ, Mr Porter and Esquire. In this series of still-lifes, Zena has taken the oki-ni items and strategically placed them around geometric pieces of carved wood to highlight the smooth contours of the items themselves. 'For this project I took inspiration from the by products of making and how what we discard is often more interesting than the actual thing.' Zena tells us. 'Paint textures, discarded pieces of wood, empty frames. Inspiration also came from the products and the way we use them. Also the high end finishes and fabrics put against what may be considered low-end or stripped back materials.'"
"Set Design: Woop! No.4 in our oki-ni series, we present Zena May Hendrick" was first published on It's Nice That. Photography by Christian Alegria. Shoot Assistant Dan Quanstrom.

Find out more: oki-ni.com/styled/its-nice-that.

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