Orluna Re-Brand and Web Design

  • Stephanie Martin

Orluna believe the right lighting doesn't just transform a space but also the mood of those within it. And while you may not know their name, you're likely to know their work. Their uplights and downlights grace countless businesses, hotels, high-end retail spaces and residences worldwise. The challenge? How to maintain market leader status in a sector lacking new customers, whilst also combating the risk of commoditisation and the resulting threat of undercutting. Our answer? A complete repositioning to be aspiration-led. This new brand position challenges their historic perception, and champions their mission, to offer the world's best lit effect. 'Beautifully Lit' and a completely new visual identity live within a new website and range of brand collateral. 250+ bespoke CGI images, motion CGI renders, and a new lifestyle photography shoot later - Orluna are reborn. The result? Rave customer reviews and a 40% increase in website dwell time. Design in this project included: branding, web design (sketch), iconography and animation.