Simple x Little Mix

  • Stephanie Martin

Off the back of the successful campaign 'Simple: Ready to play' Unilever briefed us to develop a new campaign with a similar output of the insight: 'Teen girls are on a journey of discovery, experimenting with their make-up trying to find their look. Our Teens don’t take themselves too seriously – they have a giggle, send a Snapchat, and wipe it away feeling good. They’re ready to give the next look a go knowing Simple has their back so they can keep experimenting as much as they like'. We teamed up with Little Mix to promote the new limited edition packaging and create a suite of content that would be posted on social and played on digital screens around the UK. Each with their own unique world and look, showcasing how easy it is to have fun and experiment with make-up and remove any mistakes quickly and effortlessly with Simple. Awards: CREATIVE POOL: 2019 • Effectiveness: Bronze & Peoples Choice THE DRUM DADI: 2019 • Integrated Marketing: Most effective use of social media


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