• Sean Collymore

The launch of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the 3Fold, they hosted a live secret gig in London’s Kings Cross and we were comissed to work alongside the advertsijng agency Mother London. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we shot the footage on RED Helium 8K and RED Komodo 6K cameras, paired with Leica lenses, ensuring exceptional visual quality and clarity. The result was a captivating portrayal of a special, one-of-a-kind musical experience featuring Brit Award nominee YUNGBLUD, accompanied by the London Community Gospel Choir and digital artist Aries Moross. Together, they delivered a unique performance of the song ‘Mars’ at Samsung KX. The integration of our BTS footage into the music video amplified the impact of the visual storytelling, showcasing the immersive and innovative features of the Samsung 3Fold smartphone. The collaboration between technology, music, and art created a powerful fusion that resonated with audiences and enhanced the overall brand experience. The success of this project stands as a testament to the creativity and expertise, delivering exceptional results that exceeded the client’s expectations. We are proud to have contributed to Samsung’s landmark smartphone launch and the unforgettable musical celebration that accompanied it.

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