You X Max Factor

  • Sean Collymore

I had the honor of creative director for Max Factor’s global internet advertising campaign “You X Max Factor”. My objective was to create a series of captivating videos, that would captivate audiences worldwide and elevate the launch of the rebrand of their hugely successful product, Miracle Touch Foundation. Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Foundation, already renowned as a hero product, embodies trust, loyalty, and the power to enhance natural beauty. My mission was to breathe life into this transformative product through compelling videos that would resonate with viewers across the world. I collaborated closely with Max Factor’s visionary team to curate a global internet advertising campaign. The four videos I created served as a testament to the diverse stories of four exceptional young women, each representing a unique facet of the global community. As the creative director, I took immense pride in curating a campaign that not only showcased the transformative power of Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Foundation but also reflected the brand’s dedication to empowering individuals. It served as a platform where beauty knew no boundaries, and confidence transcended language and geography. “You X Max Factor” invites viewers to embark on an extraordinary journey, witnessing the magic of Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Foundation and inspiring them to embrace their unique beauty with unwavering confidence.