Quidditch World Cup reading experience on Pottermore

  • Hannah Thompson

Brief: On March 15th 2018 Pottermore launched a new audiobook of Quidditch through the Ages, a short piece of writing J.K. Rowling wrote for Comic Relief. The Pottermore website had very highly engaged fans with a keen interest in Quidditch. The business wanted to create a fun informative online experience based around Quidditch that fans could enjoy while boosting dwell times further and promoting the new audiobook. Idea: In support of the launch and marketing campaign, at Pottermore we designed and built a custom, longform responsive reading experience for web. The design split up the experience into 3 chapters following the book. When scrolling, short audio clips would be triggered from the audiobook on scroll, and the story was interspersed with a variety of animated illustrations and graphics for visual delight. My role: I worked on the UI design and look and feel of many of the modules, and creating some of the animated assets. I concurrently worked closely with two developers, overseeing the build and testing across devices to ensure it performed responsively to a high standard.