Static and Beyond

  • Elliott Starr (he/ him)
  • Laura Clark

Launching Koppaberg's Dark Rum in the UK.

Creative collaboration: Rory Stiff, Casey Highfield, Samuel Guillotel

McDonald's - Celebratin' Lovin'

How does the world’s most iconic brand authentically show its support for Pride? How about changing the world’s most iconic tagline? We did just that, making ‘i’m lovin’ it’ more about ‘lovin’ than it’s ever been before.
The work ran in tube, train and bus stations surrounding UK Pride Festivals.
We re-created the campaign for multiple social platforms, geo-fencing it to each festival.

McDonald's - Like Getting Your Money's Worth?

A wrapping paper tray-liner. So you can really get your money's worth out of your McDonald's at Christmas.
The liner was designed using nothing but the iconic M.
Big Mac Big Mac

In 2016, we convinced McDonald's to create Big Mac Big Macs and hand them out at festivals.

Bad pun. Good fun. The Macs also put McDonald's front-of-mind for festival goers travelling home either hungover, on a come-down, or both.
The Big Mac Big Macs were promoted on social media, encouraging people to find the McDonald's tent when they arrived at their festival.

The Influencer Campaign that Never Was

Bee populations are seriously in decline. The reason is the use of neonicotinoids (toxic pesticides) en-mass, by farmers. A way to solve this problem is to rapidly increase wildflower populations in the UK.

How? Our idea was to use the world's biggest influencer (Meghan Markle), and 2018's biggest wedding (her marriage to Prince Harry), and get Meg to have wildflowers as her bouquet, sparking a trend amongst millions of UK brides for years to come.

This would dramatically increase demand for wild flowers. With demand, comes supply and by default, millions more wild flowers.

On behalf of Hilltop Honey, we were going to write an open letter to Megan Markle. We were in conversations with The Guardian (the paper we'd been tipped off that she reads). We were literally millimetres from running (and PR'ing) this:
When someone sent us this:
Great for the bees. No so great for us.


With one radio advert, we got parents all over the UK to re-think their internet security settings.
We didn't stop there. We pitched NSPCC a business idea:

Rankin Bares All

An internal agency poster. Not usually an opportunity. But considering the guest was the
photographer Rankin, we thought it was a chance to do something quite interesting.


To commemorate Alex Ferguson stepping down as manager of Manchester United after 27 years, we created a tactical poster for Extra.

Extra prides itself on long-lasting flavour. Ferguson is famous for chewing gum during matches.

It was a no-brainer.
Disgusting Made Delicious

To advertise food photographer Chelsea Bloxsome, I put her through the ultimate torture test.
I asked her to make disgusting things look delicious.

Homebase - Referendum

A tactical press ad targeting the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Unbelievable Value

Simple visual communication for the Volkswagen up!

Royal National Life Institution

With restrictive budgets, we had to create a campaign to recruit people to join the RNLI.
With a brutally-simple bus-side, we showed how anyone can save a life and be a volunteer.

APG - Problem

Each year the APG sets a problem-based brief for budding young-planners to solve.
The best solution receives the prestigious "Young-Planner Award".
The APG asked us to promote this award within the industry and we thought, well, the target audience thinks they're pretty smart, so let's challenge their ego.
We made the brief more of a challenge to get.
Before it would download, applicants had to complete a simple visual puzzle.
Music by KCE.

Student Essentials

A photography experiment combining student essentials; condoms and cheap food.
We soon found ourselves in talks with FPA, who wanted to use the images for a Fresher's Week campaign.
They ran at universities across the country in September 2016, encouraging students to buy condoms as part of their weekly shop.


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