• Nina Kristine Hagen
  • Meri MC
  • Benio Urbanowicz
The legendary winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset commissioned The Design Laboratory to bring to life one of his great dreams: a book that illuminates his esoteric views of the world and captures them on paper.
The Design Laboratory not only designed, but managed all collaborators and illustrators needed to create this one-of-a-kind book. The Design Laboratory worked closely with Teresa Rodriguez for the editorial and storytelling, as well as Chronicle Books for the production.
The Alchemy of the Senses is a stunning masterpiece of poetry in motion, and Boisset employs the six senses in the pages of the book to transport the reader to a new place of understanding. With the use of scents, textures, games, and many more, this book plans to shake up the wine, literary, and design worlds.
As a man of endless curiosity and imagination, Jean-Charles wants to change the way people engage in the world through their senses, and challenges them to explore each one of them, including their sixth sense of intuition and connection.