Top 10: career advice tips for 2022

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Job hunting? Thinking of pivoting your career? Struggling with motivation? Wanting to grow your network? We’ve got you!

We’ve put together our top 10 career-related questions for 2022 to help you navigate through the year ahead, no matter if you’re just starting out, or already have experience in the industry.

Click through to see insights, advice and top tips from industry mentors and our brilliant Dots community.

Got some thoughts of your own? Please add your own wisdom if you have anything to share, or pop this way to post your own question!


– I'm struggling with my mental health recently and have fallen into a creative slump. I'd love to hear how you guys bounce back if you've felt it too? Read the responses

– Hey freelancers, do you have any tips for beating loneliness/isolation? Read the responses

– When you're stressed, what *really* helps you? There are quick fixes, like eating chocolate, but what about the longer-term? Read the responses

– How are you coping with unsuccessful job hunting and/or the struggle in finding freelance clients at the moment? Read the responses

– Is anyone really struggling to find motivation as the pandemic and utter horridness continues? Read the responses


– Looking back, what advice would you give to your newly Graduated self? Read the responses

– As a 20-year-old, would you: A. Start your own business or B. Find a job? Read the responses

– I'm looking for some network-building tips from you lovely folk if I may? Read the responses


– Calling all creative freelancers! Any advice on attracting clients that you wish you would have known when you started? Read the responses

– Entrepreneurs! How did you begin to make your idea a reality? Read the responses


– What are the most important things you look for in a portfolio? Read the responses

– Recruiters, what is the ideal CV? Concise & easy to read with design features or A simple word doc with descriptive professional experience? Read the responses


– I'm going into my first job managing someone - any tips or advice on how best to coach/mentor and get the most out of it? Read the responses


– What books have you found useful for your career and personal development? Read the responses

Got some thoughts of your own? Please add your own wisdom if you have anything to share, or pop this way to post your own question!


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