Warner Music Color Cue Cards | Printed by MOO

  • Sarah Brand

Pick a color, choose a mood, discover a track. ⁣ ⁣ “Most of the clients we work with — film editors, directors and advertising professionals — tend to be very visual in their creative approach, so we wanted to design something that would translate their ideas into music in the most natural way possible for them. Using color seemed like the perfect vehicle, as it’s a creative language that everyone can connect with.” - Liam Klimek, Creative Sync Manager from Warner Music on the thinking behind their Color Cues cards, printed by MOO, which help their clients find the perfect track for their work. ⁣ We briefed the MOO creative team to choose the words from the Color Cue cards they reacted to most. Steve and Tais used simple lighting and a striking set made only from paper to evoke the feeling of these colors.