Windows 10 - Emulator

  • James Heath
  • Igor Pancaldi
With Microsoft releasing its latest Windows platform and after successful user testing of a product emulator in stores for mobile, Microsoft was keen to roll out the emulator across desktop, tablet and mobile online in conjunction with the global release. This involved creating step-by-step videos for the key features of Windows 10 across all platforms. The problems were the software not being ready and that over 100 videos needed to be produced across the various platforms in less than three months. I built a small agile hands on team was to work fast to develop creative and shoot the various videos taking our time to work through the various bugs as they appeared. We worked closely with the client stakeholders for approval. The final stage involved a less than one-week delivery for video encoded across the various platforms for development to build. The final content went live on time and was a great success in helping consumers understand the ease of use of Windows 10 and enticed them into upgrading across the various platforms.