Yolklore Magazine Issue One

  • Daisy Hill
  • Jenna Campbell

Designed to show you ideas, thoughts and perspectives you don’t normally come across, by brands and people you’ve not yet heard of. Our mission is to help the cream rise to the top, championing brilliance not keywords - and eye-opening physical experiences wherever we go. We were not seeing enough rich muchness in the media we consumed. It is samey, echoey, dull, sensationalist, reductionist, rehearsed, routine and ultimately - a waste of opportunity, creativity and humanity. We strive for Yolklore to be the bridge.  We sing for unsung talent, ideas, voices and perspectives. Champion, create, nurture, promote, celebrate. Helping you experience as much of this great big world as it has to offer. https://issuu.com/yolklore/docs/issuu?utm_source=conversion_success&utm_campaign=Transactional&utm_medium=email