Looking for mid weight designers, art directors, creative directors to work on exciting football x lifestyle projects


  • Hi Andrew, I am a freelance Interior Designer and social media manager/content creator. I would love to collab with you! If you would like more information my website is www.auranti.co - I am also happy to send over my portfolio of work. I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Best wishes

  • Hi Andrew, I’m interested to help with your projects,I'm currently working with SEASON zine and have worked for arsenal/chelsea and even underground fan club - my instagram is @amylouisestudio_ and my email is mageea014@gmail.com
  • Hi Andrew, I’m interested to help with your projects, I would love to work on some football stuff! Please have a look at my portfolio, www.flordai.com and let me know if my style suits you.
    Best, Flor
  • Hey Andrew! This sounds right up my strasse. I've sent you a connection request . I would love to learn more about your projects and how we could work together. LMK
  • Hi Andrew,

    I am a graphic designer with experience of working for Penguin, Stussy and ESPN.

    You can view my portfolio at www.alexrobbins.co.uk

    Just let me know if you have any questions or want to hear more about my work.


    Alex Robbins

  • Hi Andrew,
    I saw your post, and got me intrigued... I'm a Designer/illustration artists who love Sports!
    Check some of my images here:
  • Hey Andrew,

    Yet another mid-weight designer reaching out, here!

    Intrigued by the project and would love to hear more. If you're still in need of a hand, let me kniw.

    You can see some of my work on my profile!

  • Hi Andrew, hope you are well :)

    I would love to hear more about your project. I have recently worked on a campaign for grassroots women's football team Winchester City Flyers and it would be amazing to continue this line of work.

    My name is Ana and I am a designer specialised in branding and passionate about culture and community projects. I am thrilled about work that creates positive impact, and I dive deep in each project to make sure it reflects the brand values, the client's aspirations and is meaningful and relevant to its audience.

    You can have a look at my work at anabea.studio
    If you think I could be the right fit I would love to have an intro chat to see how we could work together.

    All the best,
  • Yo Andrew,
    How is your day?

    Still have a slot for a graphic designer+illustrator? if yes, just poke me!
    Check most of my design work on my: www.liumoyin.com
    you may use my ideas.

  • Hi Andrew,
    I hope you're having a good week!
    Your project sounds really great and I'd love to be involved. I'm a illustrator and art director based in Barcelona
    Heres a link to my portfolio so you can see my work: www.gabrielabasin.com
    If you think I could be a good fit it would be great to have a chat.
  • Hi Andrew,

    I’m a freelance graphic designer who has worked with a few sports brands such as UEFA. My work can be found here: https://yvettebeattie.co.uk/work, though feel free to email me at yvette.m.beattie@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss.

  • Hi Andrew, hope all is well! This project sounds great, I would be very interested if you're still looking. Feel free to have a look at some of my work here: callumstacey.com . Would be great to hear a bit more about the project too. Many thanks, Callum
  • Hi Andrew,

    I hope you're having a good week!

    Your project sounds really great and I'd love to be involved. I'm a motion designer, and all round designer based in London.

    Heres a link to my portfolio so you can see my work.

    If you think I could be a good fit it would be great to have a chat.


  • Hi Andrew,

    Sounds like a great project.

    I'm a senior designer and art director, worked through the line and over a huge array of disciplines. Take a look at my work at mattrooke.com and get in touch if you think I can help.

    Till then, have a great day.

  • Hi Andrew, I used to work as a graphic designer in the marketing team of Nike Europe. What are you looking for? Please let me know! My email is levano.studio@gmail.com
  • Good morning Andrew,

    Graphic Designer and 2d Animator here, I like the sound of this team project, here is my website, please feel free to reach out if you're interested: https://www.mathieucadelo.com/

    A good day,
  • Hi Andrew,
    I would be keen to hear more! You can view my work on https://gianfrancofagotto.name
    Feel free to connect via email info@gianfrancofagotto.name
    Best regards,
  • Hey!

    I came across the Job description and maybe we can get in touch to review more details about it,
    you can check my website to see my style and range of work.


    Let me know if we can keep the discussion.
    Greetings from Costa Rica!
  • HELLO!
    My name is Karina Cao, and I am a graphic designer with a good command of 3D techniques. As an
    an admirer of your studio, I would be delighted if any job or internship opportunity is available for me.
    I recently graduated from the London College of Communication with MA in Design for Art Direction. During my master's study, l specialized in creating 3D animations with Cinema 4D, art direction, and graphic design.
    Prior to that, I had two internships as a graphic designer. and my main service is branding design, I understand the relationship between clients and designers is important, so l always put myself in my client's shoes. One of my clients once said, "We would definitely work with Karina again ... She was obviously really good at being sympathetic to what we wanted."
    I have attached the link to my portfolio website, which further details my skills and projects. And with my various skills like 3D modeling, illustrating, video editing, and motion designing. l am ready to bring a new vision to you. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and l look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    My portfolio
    website: https://healingrass.cargo.site/


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