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Since launching in 2014 by Swedish natives Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson, we've been expanding our product offering which started with sneakers to include ready-to-wear for men and women as well as lifestyle accessories. By forgoing seasonal collections and engaging with our customers directly, we aim to democratize the luxury fashion market delivering an exceptional price/value proposition. The brand is socially-driven and we insert our community into the buying experience by utilizing social media platforms as a tool to understand consumer needs, preferences, and desires. The goal is to create a brand that brings people together, through the power of positivity, community, and memorable experiences. The brand believes in the Swedish/Japanese philosophy behind minimalism and this is the main source of inspiration for the brand. The word Arigato or Thank You in Japanese, originally and literally means "difficult to exist". It was used to express that something was valuable and not easily found.

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