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We are curators. We pour over the world’s gallery and social output to offer a honed stable who, young or not so young, have all survived their first rodeo. We are ambassadors for the arts producing public projects engaging groups who would rarely otherwise experience collaborating with professional image makers. We are advisors with formal educational roles in London and lecturing experience from Delaware to Helsinki, engaging with talent from all communities. CIA are here to introduce you to the world class artist from our diverse tribe of storytellers who’ll bring vitality and dynamism to your commercial ambition. We’ll throw you into our international community of image-makers whose cultural heritage will enlighten the interpretation of your brief. We’ll share in your idea and illustrate it, sculpt it, install it and make it move. We’ll walk you through the business end then put you hand in hand with your artist. You’ll work together from the get go. It’ll be beautiful. Welcome to CIA. Since 1983.

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