How to convert consumers who only wear glasses over to Acuvue contact lenses? Show them that contacts aren’t as scary as they seem and they’re totally worth it! However, the challenge was that although this audience knew contacts would improve their lives, they couldn’t get over the hurdle of touching their eyes—let alone putting something foreign in them. The concept portrayed first-time-user stories and the campaign hinged on authenticity, therefore focused predominantly on UGC from 8 real people. As the US client became more thrilled with the content and shared it among stakeholders, it soon became a global campaign. Scaling across markets now, we ensured the footage and narrative would be just as impactful to foreign audiences as it was to the primary US target. The limited use of first person VO and increased amount of interstitial cards allowed specific global markets to adjust accordingly with minimal costs. Creative Role / Creative Director, Creative + Art Direction, Post Pro



Brand awareness was built among Snapchatters with non-skippable ads and Instagramers with sponsored stories.

Along with our longform YouTube content, we drove site conversion through 1:1 and vertical cutdowns across Facebook and Instagram.