BACs | Current Account Switch Service ‘Magic of Switching’ [Commercial]

  • Del Mak
  • Richard Worrow
  • Scott Vaux-Nobes
  • Illia Antonets
  • LB Belden
  • Richard Worrow

The Current Account Switch Service is a service that helps customers switch bank/building society accounts in the UK. More than 40 banks and building societies are part of the service and covering over 99% of UK current accounts. Building on the previous successful Current Account Switch Service campaigns Del choreographed, the latest ‘Switch Your Situation’ instalment specifically targeting 18-24 year old bank customers, uses creative and inventive in-camera trickery that showcases the effortless benefits that can result from a super easy current account switch. The new 20 second advert comprises of three six second edits and accompanied by activity on digital audio channels such as Spotify, and social activity on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, including re-running the popular Snapchat sponsored ‘Lens’. Del worked closely with the Switch Guarantee Guy and supporting cast, choreographing their movements and action during and in between 3 tricks: a bank facade transforming into a paper plane that is thrown into a phone to become a banking app, a window shopper smoothly spun into a window and into the outfit she likes, and an ice cream shaped sign on top of a ice cream truck being pulled off to become a real ice cream. The tricks were achieved by filming the choreographed action in multiple stages with carefully planned props, making sure that the action was fast and consistent to make a jump cut appear satisfyingly simple. The result demonstrates the smoothness and simplicity of the Switch Guarantee that can surprise with extraordinary results.

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