Be More Active

  • Sophie Lain

Challenged to create long form video content explaining the benefits of protein to an active lifestyle. Should demonstrate the expertise of graze nutritionist and keep people watching for as long as possible. Call to action should focus on a specific graze protein snack.

This piece of video content is completely different from anything we have created before at graze. We have previously stuck to recipe videos ranging from 20 seconds to a minute long, to be used mainly on social and also be featured on the blog and on the product pages of the snacks.
The "introduction to protein" video is the first we have made with a voice over. I insisted we needed a more interesting format than our nutritionist Jess talking to camera, and pitched the use of an illustrator to help make the information more engaging and easy to digest. I wrote the voice over script for the video with the help of our nutritionist, and storyboarded the illustrations for our freelance artist to follow.
On receiving the first draft from our video producer, we decided to cut about a minute from Jess's introduction, wanting to get to the illustration as soon as possible. The result is a video of about 3 and a half minutes.
The video is mainly used on the landing page of our January campaign, alongside other pieces of content promoting protein as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.
Since going live, the protein page has receivesd three times more pageviews than the other January pages, also resulting in the most purchases. The average viewing duration of the video is 2 minutes 16 seconds. The main learning from this is the success of the illustrated portion of the video, something we will definitely be implimenting in future long form video content.