Save & Savour

  • Sophie Lain
  • Luna Cullis
  • Amy Alford
  • Emily Crook
  • Anna Greene

Fewer ingredients, lower price, same big flavour. Introducing Save & Savour by Gousto, specially designed for smart foodies who refuse to compromise on taste.

Brief: Gousto was founded with a vision to become the UK’s most loved way to eat dinner. To achieve this we have always believed that Gousto needs to remain accessible to households across the UK.

We know this is a difficult time financially for many people. To offer a more affordable option for Gousto, we are launching a value collection on our menu. This will include 4-6 simple and low cost recipes every week with fewer ingredients, but the same quality and flavour customers expect from Gousto.

Using warm visuals and messaging across all major channels, the creative balanced our tone of voice while offering customers something new. In reassuring them these recipes would be just as delicious as the rest of our offering, we highlighted value at its best – simple yet delicious.
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"Millions now say meat, cheese and fresh fruit are luxury items" - Hull Live
"How Gousto plans to build salience beyond the recipe box market" - Marketing Week
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