Boden SS18 Jump in campaign

  • Kate Hilton
  • Melanie Mulgrew
  • Maria Ginn
An integrated Womens and Childrenswear campaign, across all markets, creating an emotional connection with customers at this time.
The holistic creative idea should deliver consistency across our customer touch points; catalogue, website, email, social, our digital channels and in stores. It should re-engage Boden’s existing customers as well as attract new ‘younger’ customers – surprise & delighting them with what the Brand has to offer.
The moment must set a mood of Joy, champion style and empower customers and their families to be confident in their approach to life and spring/summer dressing.
Where British styles meets fun, dressing in Boden gives women and men the confidence to jump in the pool, dance on the table, smash a presentation…Dressing in Mini Boden gives children the confidence to jump in the pool, climb a tree, roar like a lion…
Say goodbye to ‘why’ and hello to ‘why not’. It’s time to seize summer by the beach balls. It’s all about having a Positive Wardrobe Attitude. Choose outfits that make you feel ready to take on the world – maximum input from us, minimum effort for you – and accept all compliments with a knowing nod: ‘Thanks, it’s Boden.’
Take the plunge (neckline). Make a splash with confident colour and day-brightening prints. Whether you’re a toe-dipper or cannonballer by nature, now’s the time to JUMP IN.