Brain Fog: I Don't Give a Spoon newsletter

  • Rebecca W Morris
  • Louise Marley
  • Hugo Pouca Roupa
  • Lisa Derrick
  • Sabad Khaire

The I Don't Give a Spoon newsletter this month is about brain fog in art, history and culture. Collecting testimonies from other writers and artists, illustrations, and through examples in literature and art, I discuss brain fog and how it makes us feel. I also made this visual soundscape about it. I think there needs to be a wider understanding and exploration of a symptom that affects so many disabled and chronically ill people, yet is so intangible and difficult to define. The link is in the bio. I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts after you read it. Please subscribe, share, like or buy me a coffee if you can.

Illustration by Hugo Pouca Roupa

ID: A colourful illustration of an apple and pineapple sitting in chairs facing each other in a comfy looking office. It seems as if they are doing a therapy session. The apple on the right hand side looks sad and stressed. The pineapple looks friendly and is gesticulating animatedly. There is a window between them with a view outside displaying a street scene with lots of fruit people wandering around.