Building a B2B website that puts its users' needs first

  • Ross Musgrove
  • Emma Wood
  • Jilly Cross

Newable helps UK companies take the next step with their business. They offer a range of funding options, advice on a range of topics and workspace in 40 locations nationwide. Problem Two years previous, Newable was a brand new brand that had just started offering a broader range of services to a bigger market than its predecessor (Greater London Enterprise) had. For that reason, Newable’s first website was very Newable-centric. Now, two years on, the brand established and services gaining traction, it was time to stop hammering on about what Newable is and what it does and, instead, focus on the problems a target customer might come to Newable for help with. Solution We interviewed potential buyers of Newable’s services - business owners with a problem that Newable could help with. We gained insight on how this group of people would go about looking for a solution to their business problems - Where did they look for answers? What language did they use? What would give them the confidence that Newable was the solution for them? What would drive them to get in touch? Process - Wrote and ran pre-screen questionnaire - Recruited users - Wrote and ran remote prototype tests/interviews - Analysed video footage and synthesised lab report - Delivered report to client and design/development partner

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