Testing a new gifting concept with users

  • Ross Musgrove
  • Emma Wood
  • Jilly Cross

Giftpad is a new gifting concept, very much in stealth mode. Sorry to be so ambiguous but I’ve signed an NDA. Problem There’s nothing out there quite like Giftpad. That always begs the question - is this a solution looking for a problem? So, the Founder needed confidence that her idea was worth pursuing and whether potential customers would “get” it, use it and keep on using it. Solution I canvassed a lot of people on their attitudes towards giving and receiving gifts. Again, I can’t really go into the specifics but there was a lot of online survey data collected and analysed that then fed into face-to-face workshops. Process - Wrote and ran pre-screen questionnaire - Recruited users - Wrote and ran face-to-face workshops - Analysed video footage and synthesised lab report - Delivered report to client and design/development partner