December Product Update: Build your network, simpler project creation, feature badges & bias-free browsing

  • Hugh Waldren
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Joyce Li
  • Raquel Sacristán Risueño
  • Paul Werelds
  • Matteo Belfiore
  • Gosia Pałys-Dudek
  • Michal Palys-Dudek

This month we’ve been working on a new set of features to help you better post your projects, be discovered, network and collaborate. We’re excited to share them with you! Here’s a rundown of what’s new on The Dots...

Connect & network in one easy click

In our updated build network feature, you’ll now see handy lists of people to connect with;
- Your teammates: people who you've been credited as working with
- Profession groups: discover and connect with people working in similar fields to you
- Curated groups: inspiring selections of people on The Dots we think you’d love to connect with!

Praising members (like we should) with feature badges!

If your profile or projects are featured on The Dots, we’ll add a badge next to your name – showing the community that you’re posting brilliant work. Happy days! Head this way for top tips on how to get featured.

Posting projects just got easier

We’ve spruced up the way to post a project – it’s now super simple to upload your latest work and credit any teammates. Also, project tags have been introduced so that you can add keywords to your projects to make them more searchable.
On top of that, you’ll now see a list of ‘suggested skills’ when posting a project, making it quick for your project to be discovered and come up higher in search results!

Our new ‘bias blocker’ tool tackles unequal hiring

We want to help the thousands of companies and brands using The Dots, to reduce unconscious bias in their hiring process.
Now, hiring managers can switch on our new ‘bias blocker’ mode to hide your personal data such as name, photo, education and other information that could unfairly impact their hiring decisions, meaning you’re considered solely based on your talent.
If you’re looking to hire and keen to give our bias blocker a try, click here to get in touch.

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