Fiat - Retails Process

  • Mauricio Tonon
I helped the Huge, Inc. team to rethink how car sales could be in the future.

We envisioned a new way for car purchases along with a new way for the user to relate to the company in order to create a long-term relationship instead of a one-time interaction.

Before the project was even initiated, we researched a long list of clients and talked with a large number of stakeholders and employees to obtain a good database. We then started on a product that could potentially revolutionize the car industry in the upcoming years. We took into consideration the whole spectrum from the user research about the car, the buying, test-driving process to a new model of a shop that was focused on interactions and using technology to help the clients to buy cars in a very personalized and quick way.

I've joined this project after the first weeks so I didn't participate in the user interviews, but I enjoyed the data provided by it. After ingesting the data, I created my solutions and a new vision was subsequently delivered to Fiat. I was responsible for the interaction part, the story we would tell, the store conception, and predictions about how the user will interact with new technologies.