Fulfil Bars

Created the brand identity for a disruptive new confectionery brand in UK and launched with a major outdoor and paid social campaign, as well as activating it in social content and promotions. Our client had built a strong following in Ireland for the Fulfil range since its birth as a new, delicious competitor to chocolate bars. Whilst protein bars tend to aim their communications at a gym going, high performance segment of the market, I focussed on an audience definition that brought people together as a large community with a single mindset - ambitious, optimistic and refusing to compromise. Then we created a brand that answered their need to to have their cake, eat it, and for it to be good for them too. Rather than talk like a protein supplement, we created a brand that had as much fun as a confectionery brand would. Rather than spend time repeatedly talking to runners, climbers and cyclists we went loud and proud, covering London and Manchester with the good news about a brand that was here to feed the dream for everyone: the getup-and-goers, the dreamers, the explorers... the Fulfillers.