As a digital designer, my job was to keep the site creatively current with trade, editorial and marketing changes. This included:
- Home & landing pages: Being the creative lead for weekly changes and design each department’s landing page and the main homepage
- Brand pages: Update with seasonal and category changes including campaign or runway visuals
- Boutiques: Plan, design and build shopping boutiques including Christmas Hampers, Partywear, Holiday Shops and the Gift Guide.
- Style Insider: Previously led design for articles and promotions, including producing and photographing shoots
- Various Content Pages: Designing and building pages for events and content (eg. HarrodsLive for The Vogue Festival)
- Promotions: Updated onsite promotion including Mega Menus, Product Landing Pages etc as and when and weekly
- UI/UX: Ensuring within my control that the customer's journey was easy and understandable
- SEO: Making sure all content created was SEO friendly

Software used:
- Umbraco CMS
- Adobe Scene7