Incanto Elixirs

  • Holly cullip

The Brief - Brand Opus Chrysalis awards 2020 brief, to create and conceive a drinks brand that has a functional benefit beyond the primary purpose of refreshment. The Solution - Incanto Elixirs, a drinks brand that improves your sleep and in turn your overall well-being and productivity. Featuring a drink that helps you wake up in the morning and a drink that helps you fall asleep at night. The visuals for the brand and promotional material focus around divination and Tarot cards, as better sleep is in your future with the drink. Focusing on the sun and moon Tarot cards, and contrasts of day and night in the black and white colour palette. As well as divination and magical elements, such as dripping candles and potion style elixirs.

The name ‘Incanto Elixirs’ comes from the Italian words: charm, enchantment and magic. Tarot cards originated in Italy.
My Logo itself is inspired by the mirrored and bordered designs of Tarot cards. Whilst my black and white colour palette is inspired by and representative of the two sides to my drink, morning and night.
Bottle designs for the ‘Live by the Sun’ Elixir, inspired by the sun Tarot card and ‘Sleep by the moon’ Elixir inspired by the moon Tarot card. The dripping pattern is inspired by dripping wax candles and contrasting black and white colour palette inspired by day and night.
The Branding can be peeled apart from the bottleneck and cup pulled from the base. Not only to encourage people to re-use the bottles for environmental purposes. But also to enhance brand recognition and interaction around the home after use.
Incanto Elixirs is advertised through a series of posters. Inspired by the mirrored designs of Tarot cards, and the contrast between morning and night through the black and white colour palette. The poster series features the bottles both together and apart.
Incanto Elixirs will be advertised through a series of posters in the underground. Targeting those on their way to work, walking up the stairs each morning, and back down on their way home every day, tired and out of energy. Each poster challenges the viewer to change the story of their own day and gain more energy. Encouraging the viewer to use Incanto Elixirs, foretelling a better future through better sleep.