Nice Cream

  • Holly cullip

The Brief - JDO RAW 2020 Student Brief. To Design a new food or drinks brand from two unexpected foods, drinks or flavours – that could be a product to brand and design. The target audience is millennials, so make it modern and fresh. The Solution - Nice cream. The CBD infused ice cream brand. Mashing up the timeless sweet treat with the new and exciting CBD. Taking visual inspiration from classic Victorian illustrations, and the history of Ice cream. Celebrating the classic pastel colours, and stripes of ice-cream and giving them a psychedelic CBD inspired twist. Creating not just a twist on the classic, but a new classic all together. Shortlisted for JDO RAW 2020

My brand is a twist on a classic, adding the new, fun and interesting CBD to the timeless, classic Ice cream. I wanted to celebrate ice cream as a classic, looking back at its history. Ice cream gained popularity during the Victorian era along with trips to the beach; so, I chose to use this time period as visual inspiration. So I created classic Victorian style illustrations, but with a new and playful psychedelic twist, using nautical and seaside references. A psychedelic ‘trip’ to the beach.
Following with the theme of ‘a twist on the classic’, I looked at traditional ice cream designs, featuring stripes and pastel tones, and gave them a psychedelic twist. Melting the striped lines of classic ice-cream designs, enhancing the pastel tones. Creating designs for the classic flavours Vanilla, Strawberry and Mint.

Using nautical and seaside references throughout my branding, I chose to use octopus tentacles within my posters. To advertise the brand in a fun and interesting way, alongside Instagram Advertisements to appeal to my millennial target audience.