Jack Daniels & Coke On Tap

  • Richard Maxted
  • Dulcie Keates-Miles
  • Damian James
Alongside collaborators Eulogy PR, Mix & Muddle we were tasked with putting Jack Daniels & Coke into a draught tap for the first time ever in the UK, then touring it around London to engage with the general public to celebrate Jack Daniel's 172nd birthday.
Big spirit brands are constantly expected to envisage a future for their product. A future where people don't drink as much alcohol, and where transparency and innovation need to sit together in perfect harmony.
Jack Daniels wanted to explore how to maintain consistency in their classic serve Jack & Coke. Recognising the variation from bar to bar in temperature, carbonation, and balance, the mission was to create the perfect serve everytime. Putting this into a draught tap scenario whereby the perfect recipe is kegged in advance made sure the quality was always as it should be.
We then fitted our bespoke designed draught tap into a branded 1960's Chevy van and toured around London, engaging with media and public alike, spreading the JD love :)