Next level SPF / Olay

  • Shane Horn
  • Mollie Rose

Because UV does next-level damage, we had to encourage people to level up their protection, in Olay's latest SPF campaign.

Olay's ingredient-obsessed audience want smooth, firm, glowing skin. But invisible UV is damaging their skin on every level. Even on cloudy days, UV goes deep into the skin to damage DNA, destroy collagen and create dark spots.  To repair and prevent this damage, our audience needs more than a simple SPF... They need powerful, broad-spectrum protection combined with advanced skin science for all their beauty needs.

Our campaign positioned Olay’s SPF as 'next level' - combining intense hydration and lightweight protection.
Visually, we leaned into our scientific credentials, with proof you can see immediately. Technical graphic language was used to nod to our scientific superiority. And we disrupted our audience's feeds with shocking imagery, to make them take notice.

Brought to life beautifully by Mollie Rose who captured natural glowing skin, and shocking UV damage portraits.

The campaign was rolled out for a number of SPF boutiques in a global toolkit activated in-store and online.


Role: Creative, art direction, design & copy _
Agency: Brave Design: Ben Attwood Photography: Mollie Rose Creative Direction: Annie Fox