O2 Music

  • Billy Lucas
  • Emma Caldwell
  • Laura Lesser
  • Will Godwin
  • Isaac Olagunju
  • Joy Warmann
  • Prokopi Constantinou
  • Al Shaibani
  • Oksana Valentelis
  • Jake Churchill

In February 2019 I was brought into the fold of an agency called Just So to help come up with a creative concept for an O2 Music pitch which would engage with the infamous gen-z, whilst highlighting the importance of live music. However instead of playing it safe I asked Just So why don’t we go big. Why don't we pitch in their own music content platform that champions up and coming music talent. We pitched it. We Won It. This is O2 Music.

For 10 months I then went on act as Creative Lead across the project. Working with designers, directors, accounts and the client we came up with 4 unique Youtube formats that tackled different aspects of live music and shone a light on some incredibly talented up and coming artists.

We also went on to create a whole swathe of social content (https://www.billythecreator.com/o2music-social) which created an eco system for the client to sell tickets, promote new talent and engage with the audience.
Music Box
One box, ten instruments, one performance. That was the line we had written down for this format, and it took us a few stabs to get it, and here it is. In each of the episodes we invited an artist to recreate their music with ten random instruments from a music box. With such a simple format, each artist was able to bring their own creative flow and energy to their musical process which could be seen in each of the episodes.

In The Round
One thing we always set out to do with O2 Music was to create our performance piece, any holy hell did we do it. Creating intimate performances using the O2 Academies, we put up a simple lighting set up and singular filming rig. Inviting bands from all different genres we created a simple effective piece of content which really showcased some of the biggest upcoming names on the UK music scene.

Notes On
What are the inspirations behind a song? And how do you tell such a story in a way that keeps you watching? We came up with a unique style for such a simple format which evolved over time. Over the course of 11 episodes we spoke about topics from working in the music industry to racism and how they have influenced each of our artists songs.

On: In: 05
What are the thoughts before an artist goes on stage? That was the key thought about this format, a mini documentary that showcased an artist as they prepared themselves before they go out on stage to perform. A few of these episodes are directed and shot by me too, which obviously gives me a little bias towards this little series..