The Fox Problem

  • Rebecca Pattinson
  • Daniel Hooper
  • Matt Cole
The Brief:
The Fox Problem was a weekly interactive show streamed live on YouTube from East London. It was created and hosted by Gemma Cairney, Georgia LA and Georgie Okell. Created as an homage to classic 90's shows such as TGI Fridays, the show aimed to be an online party where important female skewing issues such as underage sex, politics and science would sit alongside live performances and informal chats with celebrities. The first series was sponsored by Google, and the second series was sponsored by Hewlett Packard. The show needed a social media presence to promote the shows and reach it's young audience.
My Role:
I was the social media manager of The Fox Problem and created social assets, gifs and copy to both promote the show and to provide an ongoing social presence for the brand when it was off air or in between seasons. This content was aimed at a young, fashion conscious and tech savvy audience and so I created a mixture of assets that reflected the themes and guests of the show, referenced current and nostalgic pop culture and tapped into internet humour. The show received over 6 million views on youtube and had a reach of 40 million on social media.
Check out some examples of my work below