UAL Creative Start-Up Programme Branding

  • Dominika Chmara

Client: University of The Arts London Project: The Creative Start-up Programme Release Date: October 2019 Brief: To provide the enterprise programme with a distinctive look and feel that works with Careers & Employability’s existing templates. The Programme is run by Careers and Employability - the UAL department that empowers students and graduates (from all six Colleges) to make a living from doing what they love. The team is launching a year-round learning programme that gives creative students and new graduates the skills needed to set up and run a successful business or freelance practice. Task: Developing Visual Identity & Branding Deliverables: Visual treatment, A5/A2 Poster & Flyer Designs, Powerpoint templates.

[ Pictured above : A singular A2 poster design fro the very first Creative Start-Up event – Creative Start-Up Day. ]
Creative Start-up Programme - Free monthly events, open to students and alumni, designed to support and inspire attendees with realising their creative ideas. Run by UAL staff, industry, successful alumni and creative  entrepreneurs.

Creative Start-up Day - Formerly Creative Enterprise Week - A day-long programme of events, talks and activities designed to help students and alumni to turn their creative ideas into reality. This will launch the programme which will run October - July.
The Creative Start-Up Programme required a consistent look which could seamlessly be carried over throughout all university Terms. While sticking to UAL’s existing branding, colour palette and colour application guidelines.
Double sided A5 flyer templates in 3 colourways were created for each term.

All A5 flyer designs were designed to be double sided – as extensive programme information will need to be communicated each term. The template allows event information to be entered into the table with ease.
A2 poster templates were developed for each term - in the colours agreed for each term.
Sticking to the same visual treatment of building blocks carried through the entire branding of the Creative Start-Up Programme – an easy to edit Powerpoint template was developed.
While sticking to UAL’s strict branding guidelines for presentations – various slide templates were developed in line with the colourways and programme branding.

The intended use would be:
- Staff meetings related to the Creative Start-Up Programme,
- Event slides – To be used by staff during individual events, as well as featured speakers.

A mockup of what a presentation would look like on a big screen can be seen above.
A branding guideline booklet was also produced as an extra part to the handover files – in order to future-proof the design as designs were to be done in-house after delivery of these assets.