We Are Not A Stereotype

  • This Way Up Podcast
  • Jennifer Hayashi
  • Zoe Moncaster
  • Alicia Cordell
  • Rebecca Rowntree

To mark International Women’s Day, we are doing something BIG. The pandemic is widening the gender pay gap and something needs to be done…and we need your help. Since the pandemic started the gender pay gap has widened to the extent that women in their mid-30s will not see equal pay in their lifetime. “We are not a stereotype” is a movement to try and stop this. We need to dismantle damaging stereotypes and showcase how the challenges we face in our careers are real and unique. In this video, we’ve enlisted 38 female leaders from the creative industry to help out and say enough is enough. *** Please help by sharing this video (posted on all our socials @thiswayuppodcast) along with why this is important to you *** If we can create enough momentum and share real stories, then hopefully we can help end damaging stereotypes and start the real conversation about equality.