Looking for designers who can help with creative visuals for fun events and product based designers for merchandise company.

Ninky Creates helps small brands bring their vision to life through creative design, marketing events and production 💖

Ninky Creates helps with anything brand -

• Creative design & sourcing
• Marketing & promotional collateral
• Events
• Photoshoots / content creation

I am looking for help creating an incredible space for events and also a product designer who can help with creating some very cool merchandise/ products - must be super creative and amazing at creating 'the brand world' .

Please send over some examples of work.



  • Hi Lilias,

    Hope you had a great weekend! I'm Sophie a freelance designer and creative based in London. I've worked for The Daily Telegraph, Friends of the Earth, Camden Town Brewery and more on projects spannnig from motion design, graphic design and illustration.


    If you think I would be a good fit It would be great to have a chat and find out more about the projects you have on currently at Ninky and to hear more about Ninky as an agency!


  • Hey, I would be interested in this job. I'm experienced in designing assets for events as well as merch. My portfolio and resume are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MP7KXPKvxGXWMeSsko_YBjV_LxU_F4Dd?usp=share_link

    Myemail: pautrzeciak@gmail.com
  • Good morning Lilias,

    I might be late on this one but we never know! Here is my website, feel free to reach out at mathieucadelo@gmail.com if you're interested:

    A good day,
  • Hey Lilias Rodd!

    I have a degree in Graphic Design and 13 years of experience in well-researched logo design and brand development.

    Here is my working style for your reference.
    Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer.


    Moeez Ahmed | Creative Director
    Creative art

    E - moeez@moeezahmed.com
    S - moeezahmed85
    B - behance.net/moeez
    W - moeezahmed.com
  • Hi Lilias,
    I would love to collaborate with you and your company.
    You can find a sample of my works at fredericofloeter.org

    Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss more details.


  • Hello Lilias,

    This sounds like an exciting opportunity & I would love to be involved. I’m a freelance graphic & motion designer. My portfolio can be viewed on - https://www.cathyrodgersdesign.com I have experience of creating creative visuals for events/shows.

    Feel free to send me a connection request :)

  • Hello Lilias,
    I'm an art director/motion designer.
    You can take a look at my website
    And some brands I worked for:
  • Hi Lilias,

    That sounds exciting! I have some work on my Instagram @nathaliewlodarski or my website nathaliewlodarski.com

    If this is something you are looking for do let me know :)

    All the best,
  • Hi Lilias,
    My name is Evelyn, and I'm a Graphic designer and illustrator and I am very interested in working with you on this.
    Here is a copy the links to my portfolios:

    My email is evelynkandingeler@gmail.com
  • Hi there,

    I am visual/graphic artist working with design, illustration and animation.
    I would love to get involved with your project.

    Please chevk my work here:


  • Hello Lilias,
    I would love to get involved with your project.
    Here are my details:
    Portfolio: https://jeremygdalia.myportfolio.com
    Email: j.gdalia@gmail.com
  • Hey there, i am a graphic designer covering fashion and music.I am familairy with this indsurty and would love to workw with you on this. Please drop me an email at amy_grundy7@yahoo.co.uk . I look foreward to speaking with you
  • Hi Lilias!

    I'm Tabatha, a multidisciplinary designer based in London. I'm a really creative and curious person both in my personal and professional life and I really enjoy tackling creative projects with various creative outputs.

    I am an experienced 3D designer/product designer at the forefront but also love to jump into all other creative fields.

    I can send you examples of my work via email if needs be, as I am setting up my website again.

    or my social is @tabathapearce

    Thank you!
  • Hi Lilias,

    I hope your well! This sounds like a super exciting project and one that is right up my street. I’m an illustrator and motion designer based in London and I’ve worked for Warner Media, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Friends of the Earth and more.

    Here is a link to my website so you can see my work


    If you think I could be a good fit it would be great to have a chat and find out more!

    Thanks, Sophie

  • Hello, I am a freelance graphic designer from England soon to graduate with a masters in design and would love to learn more about this opportunity. Please view my portfolio: https://katievelladesigns.myportfolio.com
  • Hi ,
    I'm integrated designer and multimedia artist, I thimk my work may be right for that :)

    you can see my work here: www.distracted-studio.com

    Would b great to have a chat ,

  • Hi Lilias
    I’d love help, I am visual artist who loves to create stories in colour and nature✨
    Feel free to check out my portfolio- www.ayshaaarts.com
    IG- @ ayshaarts

    Thank you and I’d love to hear from you soon,
  • Hi Lilias,

    the opportunity sounds exciting and I love being involved in projects like this!

    I am Liana, Art Director/ Illustrator. Recent clients are MoonPay, Sister Jane, Ruth Peterson, O.A jewellery and more.

    I have experience working with companies assisting on branding, bringing on table creative ideas and solutions that will help making the DNA more vibrand and unique. Additional to the art direction and design skills I also do short animations.
    Here is my website/portfolio : https://www.lianamavronanou.com

    Feel free to contact me also on my emai: lianamavronanou@hotmail.com

    Would love hearing back from you Lilias and discuss this further if you are also interested in my work.

    Liana Mavronanou

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