Adobe x LADBible, Swapping Criminality for Creativity

  • elizabeth marshall
  • Sarah Price

- D&AD New Blood 2019 Graphite Pencil Winner - Deprived neighbourhoods are more likely to have youths that resort to gang life, and end up committing crimes because of a lack of resources available to them to help them make better choices in their lives. ​​ ​The Good Society Framework shows that education, relationships, and peace/security are what make up a good society. We want to inject all of these features into these neighbourhoods. ​ Our idea is to use creative classes run by Adobe, to produce content for LADBible. This would combat the lifestyle lacking in safe, productive spaces for these kids, and would take them away from the wrong gangs, and put them into the right crews. These kids have stories to tell, so let's teach them how to tell them.