UNWFP, Worth Your Waste

  • elizabeth marshall
  • Yasmin Spencer

UK households throw away £700 a year in food waste, and businesses are no better. Despite many of us using council food bin services, we rarely think about the amount that is thrown away in them. Therefore, we want to start the "Worth Your Waste" tracking website to help people actively think about waste reduction. Tracking culture has become very influential on consumer behaviour. We obsessively track everything from our Domino’s pizza order and likes on social media, to our weight loss and business progression. Statistical measurements that show our progress motivates us as a capitalist society, so we feel satisfied and see reward. What if both tracking and food waste were combined to help people visualise what is lost and motivate personal action to cut down? Those who pay the bills and can see the council bills, covered expenditures and food out-goings, can all be targeted to help change the way they see food waste. Instead of binning it and forgetting, if we show it relation to money loss or meals wasted, then there would be a shift in appreciation for its importance. The "Worth Your Waste" tracker will work by the bin collection lorries weighing the food waste bins as they collect our waste. The onboard weighing systems already in place and using a personalised QR code per bin, it can be scanned and logged to show the bin owners statistical score. The score will be the weight of their food. This score then shows households and business’ how much money they lose through their food waste. The integration of this idea will feed off of our love for statistics, progression and being better. Understanding that natural guilt may take apart in this, we want users to be motivated to reduce their waste for the next weigh in and give them to option to ‘feel better’ by donating to those who don't have that much money to spend on food. They may have the money to waste but others don't, therefore, using the ‘Worth Your Waste’ mentality we want to balance the starvation equation. The campaign itself would run for the year, supporting Facebook and LinkedIn adverts to keep the attention and momentum going. Furthermore, live interactive boards placed in business hubs and highly populated areas will show off the regional statistics that are reducing their waste, also glorifying households and businesses doing well! Along with the earned media from this, we hope supermarket brands would also help get involved by changing their slogans to create some more PR excitement e.g. TESCO Every little food waste helps. Bringing a community together to show what their waste is worth and learn to cut down considerably. Worth Your Waste.